Our Digital Museum

Welcome to our "Digital Museum". Over the life of the Foundation we have acquired a great deal of archival material. Volunteers have spent countless hours scanning, photographing and cataloging items. We are happy to share part of the history of Wakefield with you here.

The "exhibits" in our museum will change from time to time. Be sure we have your contact information so we you receive our newsletters and will know as changes are made.

Now On Exhibit:

"Walls Can Talk"
A Photo History of the Drama Department Basement

Before the old building was demolished, a group of volunteers spent several days photographing the building. Underneath the stage, we found a treasure of grafitti. A long-standing tradtion was for senior drama students to "sign" the wall. John Abbott WHS '65 caputured as much of those walls as possible. We are happy to share his finding.

Current Exhibit