Board of Directors

Class Officers - 1962

Established in 1986 and incorporated in Virginia, the Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is governed by a board of trustees.

Conchita Saulmon Mitchell '66, President
Peter Arntson '56, President Emeritus and Founder
Helen Chung Vasiliadis '79, Vice President
James Jones '86, Treasurer,
Catherine Wilson '63, Secretary
April Archer '08
Kelly Baxter '84
Noel Belair Schulz '82
Sabra Feder Decker '80
Paul Ferguson '83
Josh Hewitt '98
Pam Kleczek '73
Millie Mohler Lawson '63
Clayton Powell '65
Kelly Thompson '72
William Vogelson '66
Lorraine Williams Howerton '77
Christian Willmore, Principal
John Abbott '65, Webmaster

Class Contacts

Each class of scholars is assigned contacts to monitor their success. This includes communicating with them after each semester and monitoring their grades. If our scholars hit a snag, their contact is someone they can go to for help.

Danielle Day '08 - Contact '15 Scholars

Ryan Fountain '98 & Katie Thomas Hansen '97
Co-Contacts '16 Scholars

Malake Jabbara '08 & Catherine Wilson '63
Co-Contacts '17 Scholars

Kelly Thompson '72 Anna Young Rossberg '70
Co-Contacts '18 Scholars