Sarasota 2011
Thursday Afternoon

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Peggy Phillips  Allen ,   Carol  Reinhardt  Harrigan.

Like sixty other Class of '60 Warriors (more than 10% of us), Carol is now living in Florida - but she's
hardly a Sarasota local.   Carol  lives way south and way east of Sarasota - several hundred miles away,
near Ft Lauderdale.  But she hasn't missed any of the Sarasota mini-reunions - a great example for some
of you other Floridians, and we know who you are!

Peggy (and husband, Carl) moved south from the DC area in 2009 - a little bit closer to Florida (Virginia
Beach, VA), but not much.  But Sarasota in spring is a beautiful thing, and Peggy & Carl - like Carol -
have not missed any of the mini-reunions there either.

Wherever you live, get yourself to Sarasota in 2012, and see what you've been missing.