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Wakefield Class of 1960
Sarasota Spring Break 2012

Spring 2012's mini-Reunion in Florida; chalk up another great one

As always, gorgeous spring weather, beautiful surroundings, and good Warrior company

Officially from Thursday through Sunday, the 19th through the 22nd of April (and in actuality a little longer for a number of people), the 4th annual Wakefield 60 Spring-Break Mini-Reunion was yet another outstanding dose of what caught on with everybody the first year we convened in Sarasota (2009).  Again in 2012 our HQ for lodging and relaxing was the Tropical Breeze Resort on Siesta Key in Sarasota, as it has been since 2010.

The event's vibe improves each year; and a change-up in the order of things this year seemed to be something that most people thought was a significant improvement.  In previous years, the Marina Jack dinner cruise on Saturday evening was a sort-of finale event.  This year, a wedding had the Marina Jack preoccupied on Saturday night, and so the Wakefield 60 cruise occurred on Friday night.  That wouldn't seem too significant, at first thought.  However, in previous years, with the dinner cruise on Saturday night, what had happened was that the sumptuous and bountiful dinner buffet, along with decadent desserts and plentiful beverages, took a toll on the Class of 60's no-longer-as-amazing-as-it-was-in-high-school endurance.  This had an effect on the attendance and vigor of the after-the-party party back at our Tropical Breeze hospitality house (the Pool House).  And when Sunday morning rolled around, most people's emphasis was on vacating their room and hitting the road/getting to the airport.   Ergo, opportunities for socializing with classmates near the end of the weekend had always seemed somewhat disappointing.

But in 2012, the last call for socializing started late Saturday afternoon, as people drifted in from their various day's pursuits, and began enjoying some snacks and conversation in advance of an outstanding gift of a terrific and protracted eat-in meal - underwritten and prepared by several giving '60 Warriors and "Warrior Fans", to whom we were all most grateful.  And although it was all-you-can-eat, there seemed to be less overeating (and less falling-out from the crowd to let dinner settle) - perhaps because there was no feeling that one had to get one's money's-worth, and there was no time pressure to pile up the plate while the window was still open.  So we had considerable participation and a lot of lively conversation and laughing right up through the final hours of Saturday.  As a result, we all felt we had a pretty good final shot at engaging with a lot of classmates.  There's never enough time, of course, but at least there seemed like there was somehow a little more opportunity this year.

Donors of time, effort, skills, food, trinkets and funds have been a most important ingredient in the success of the Sarasota mini-reunions over the years.  Scroll to bottom of these Sarasota 2012 pages to see a list the 2012 donors.

The number of people that made the scene at some point or another during Sarasota 2012 (47) was somewhat less than in 2011.  However, the core number of people that were seen regularly during Sarasota 2012 did seem to be as large or larger.  The list of attendees follows, and after that are the photos.  Take a look - there are a lot of happy faces in the pictures below, wouldn't you say?  Your smiling face could be in the 2013 pictures, and it is definitely not too early to be thinking about 2013.  Mark April 18th-21st on your calendars.  A number of classmates have already secured their Tropical Breeze reservations for the event.  We want to see YOU in Sarasota next year.


 Bill & Beth Allen Berrio
Steve & Joann Burton
Jeanne Croson Midgett
Joanie Bowman (guest of Jeanne)
Susan Ewell Davis
Norman Griest & Christine McIntyre
Bruce & Pat Harting
Carroll Johnson Garcia
Warren & Linda Kasoff
Rich Lyons & Jeneane Webster
Alex & Martie Mann Grimberg
Terry & Shirley Perry McCarty
Karen McDonald Hill
John & Madeline('61) McMillan
John Mello
Richard & Billie Monroe
Jim & Fabienne Perry
Bill and Jan Phillips
Carl & Peggy Phillips Allen
Tim Reed
Steve & Winkie Rees
Carol Reinhardt Harrigan
Janie Reitz Hewitt
Frank & Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Hubert & Carolyn Saunders Roberts
Ken & Rosalyn Scruggs
Dick & Amy Wheeler
Bob('59) & Charlotte Wise Akers

Wakefield 60 gets another great welcome to Florida!

Sarasota welcomes us back for another great spring break

It was great to get such a wonderful reception from Sarasota for the 4th straight year - beautiful weather, visitor-friendly, nice accommodations, and preparations by many thoughtful and involved Warriors and friends to ensure we would all feel the love.  As usual, the "official" start of the weekend kicked off early Thursday afternoon with a Bar-B-Q at the Pool House.  Turns out, the number of people that showed up "on-time" this year (16), was equal to the number of "early birds" that had showed up at least a day early (16).  During the course of the weekend, another 15 put in appearances, bringing the total participation up to 47 this year.  It wasn't the biggest total participation ever, but it seemed like the core of people involved throughout the duration was as good or better than ever.

There was a brief rain on Saturday afternoon, but otherwise the weather was perfect.  It is hard to beat Sarasota in the spring.  No wonder our facilitator-in-chief, Ken Scruggs, likes to refer to the event as "Ken's Party in Paradise".  It does seem to feel about as care-free as it gets - a weekend where worries are forgotten.  The look and feel of our "resort" does seem to say, "hyper-down and relax".

The amount of "structured" time was, as always, less than the unstructured time.  So there is always plenty of time to see or try something new.  And no matter what sights one chooses to see, the people encountered always seem to want to help you enjoy your visit.  Sarasota likes visitors.  No wonder there are quite a few people that have not missed a year.  It looks like Sarasota will be welcoming back Wakefield '60 for a lot of years to come.

The Early Birds on Wednesday

Wakefield 1960's Spring Break in Sarasota is advertised each year as spanning Thursday through Sunday - with Wednesday arrival cited as an option.  And each year, there are quite a few people that show up on Wednesday.  This year, Wednesday's group had grown to 16 by the end of the day.  Thanks to the Early Birds, things were a little better organized and checked out for the rest to come.  Here's the evidence of who was there.

The Early Birds Wednesday evening

Good eating is within walking distance

When dinner time rolled around for the Early Birds, the majority decided to walk a couple of blocks to the Lobster Pot.  One of Lobster Pot's offerings that's a favorite is - what else? - lobster, in the form of a lobster sandwich.  That turned out to be a favorite with not only the Early Birds, but also with most of the other '60 Warriors that showed up for the weekend.  The ambiance is unassuming, but the food was first rate. Here are some pics from Wednesday evening at the Lobster Pot

Thursday's arrivals (19 April)

From late morning into late afternoon, an additional 16 Warriors made the scene.

The so-called start of our 2012 mini-reunion - around noon on Thursday - brought another big clump of incoming '60 Warriors.  Thursday's increment of 16 additional nicely augmented the early birds that had arrived previously.  With a nice Bar-B-Q lunch on tap, with twice as many conversations going on, twice as much laughing, and twice as much activity, the gathering reached "happening" status.  The afternoon was spent in a lot of catching up with everybody, and the pictures below tell the story.  Check out the smiles - the group was enjoying being together again.

Thursday evening at Captain Brian's

"I'll have the same as last year"

Captain Brian's has been on the Thursday evening itinerary every year we've gotten together in Sarasota.  Many of us have come up with some strong menu preferences at this point.  However, the waitresses are always ready to offer good advice - and they always seem to have a good handle on what's best.  Whether sticking with favorites or going with waitresses' recommendations, this year it seemed that everybody was particularly happy with their menu selections.

A big attraction of Cap'n Brian's is, of course, the ability to accommodate a party of 25-ish with relative ease.  Not only does their seating arrangement work well, but their wait-staff is very good with big parties.  Being that Captain B's is also a fish market, it' easy enough to look at what's in the display case to see what they've got that is really fresh.  Another notable endearing feature is a beautiful, very large aquarium that splits the seating area in half; and there are a lot of very exotic fish in it.  Throw in reasonable prices, and it's no wonder there's a big group that wants to go back each year.


Thursday evening after Dinner

The evening wraps up with desert and discusion

Friday, daytime

"Independent adventures"

Fishing trip

Be afraid, fish! Be very afraid!

A hardy group of fisherpeople headed out into the Gulf bright and early, hoping to sneak up on the fish while they were still groggy.  But the fish apparently went to sleep early the night before, and they were on their toes - or whatever.  As is the case with humans, the older fish have the advantage of experience and judgment.  The hooks were constantly jumped on by young fish that were too small to keep.

While the keepers tally wasn't very impressive, getting out on the Gulf on a bright, beautiful day, and enjoying the fresh smelling air and water was a treat.  And typical of Warrior '60 outings, there were plenty of fish stories and other tall tales for entertainment.

When the boat returned to Sarasota, there was plenty of dock entertainment as Captain Richard cleaned the fish.  The waterfowl know the schedule well, and a big contingent showed up to welcome the fishing boat home.


Be afraid, grass! Be very afraid!

Several from our group decided to head out on Friday and create some divots.  The moderate spring temperature and clear skies made it a great day to be out on the links.  No information on the outcomes was disclosed, and perhaps nobody really kept score.  Let's face it, just getting out and doing a little walking around in glorious weather like this is gratification enough.

Friday Evening Dinner Cruise on the Marina Jack II

"A good time, every time"

The dinner cruise on the Marina Jack II has a solid fan base among the attendees of the Wakefield '60 Sarasota mini-reunions.  We've done the cruise each year, and there continues to be solid support for doing it again each time.  It's a relaxing ride; the views of luxury houses and condominiums are beautiful (and something new is under construction each year); the sunset is gorgeous; the food is great; everybody gets a chance to look very spiffy in their dress-up clothes ("spiffy?"); sitting down to a place at a dinner table provides an opportunity to get to know the people nearby a lot better than in some of the comparatively brief encounters that occur at other socializing times during the weekend; and finally, our own goddess of springtime is always there in the most exquisite of garb, with something special for us to take away as a souvenir.  As in our other pictures of the weekend, you can see that everybody taking the Marina Jack II ride is in very good spirits.

Friday Evening after Marina Jack II

Wrapping up the evening back at the Pool House

No photos of the post-cruise socializing at our "Hospitality Room" turned up.  If you have any, send them in.  We checked the passenger list, and most of our cruisers did make their way back to the Pool House to stop in and extend our evening together a bit.  Not only was there conversation and laughs and carrying on, there was even some planning done for Saturday.  We didn't turn off the lights until late . . . or was it until early?  It's easy to lose track at Warrior gatherings.

Saturday Morning & Early Afternoon

Independent/Unstructured  Studies/Adventures

There were no large-group events planned for Saturday.  The Sarasota area has a seemingly endless supply of interesting things to see and do.  Here are pictures of some of the things people did.  If you pictures of other adventures, send them in.

Saturday Late Afternoon & Evening/ Hanging at the Pool House

Once again, our fabulous and practically never-closing "hospitality suite" served us well.

As usual, there was something going on around the Pool House at almost all times.  With the dinner cruise done on Friday night this year - and with a Saturday night option to eat in (thanks to generous donations of food and cooking efforts on the part of a number of '60 Warriors and "Warrior Fans") - we were afforded on Saturday an enjoyable, significant, contiguous span of time to interact with all the interesting people that came together for our 2012 spring break.  There's never enough time.  But having the dinner cruise on Friday instead of Saturday turned out to be a nice change-up in the schedule that afforded us a good stretch of uninterrupted time for informal socializing as the weekend neared its end.

Below is a great group shot of the '60 Warriors only, taken toward the end of Saturday evening.  More of Saturday's pictures will be posted shortly.


Heading for the exits

The '60 Warriors hit the kitchen one last time for some more good food and chat before hitting the road.

Sarasota 2012 Donations

Donations are an important and impressive aspect of our annual Sarasota "Party In Paradise".  Subsidized by Wakefield '60 general funds in the initial several years, the Sarasota mini-reunion has subsequently become fully self-sufficient, as a result of voluntary donations by the event's supporters and attendees.  There have been amazing donations of time and talent, of food and drink, and of money, of course.  Having a registration-fee-free event has been an ongoing objective, such that complimentary food, drink and munchies at the "Pool House" (our hospitality suite extraordinaire) offer an alternative to being concerned with hunter-gatherer activities, or provide an alternative to eating all meals out.  Those who have enjoyed the Sarasota mini-reunions have stepped up to help ensure that many expenses are defrayed, so that minimum cost of attending will be minimum.  To help everyone better appreciate the part that donations play, a listing of this year's donors, and a listing Sarasota 2012 donations is provided below.  Many many thanks to all who have supported this annual event with their donations - financially and otherwise.


 Bill & Beth Allen Berrio
Steve & Joann Burton
Jeanne Croson Midgett
Norman Griest & Christine McIntyre
Carroll Johnson Garcia
Rich Lyons & Jeneane Webster
Dotty Lucas
Karen McDonald Hill
John Mello
Richard & Billie Monroe
Barbara Neely
Jim & Fabienne Perry
Bill and Jan Phillips
Carl & Peggy Phillips Allen
Carol Reinhardt Harrigan
Frank & Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Hubert & Carolyn Saunders Roberts
Dick & Amy Wheeler


05/23/2011  05/31/2011   $50
05/23/2011  05/31/2011   $25
06/08/2011  06/17/2011   $20
06/08/2011  06/17/2011   $20
06/08/2011  06/17/2011   $20
06/08/2011  06/17/2011  $100
06/16/2011  07/05/2011  $100
11/16/2011  11/17/2011  $100
12/15/2011  01/17/2012   $50
01/03/2012  01/30/2012   $50
01/09/2012  02/13/2012  $100
01/13/2012  02/15/2012  $100
01/23/2012  02/27/2012  $100
01/27/2012  03/05/2012   $25
03/14/2012  03/21/2012  $100
02/27/2012  04/02/2012   $50
04/19/2012  04/23/2012     $5
04/19/2012  04/25/2012   $55
04/19/2012  05/08/2012  $100
04/20/2012  05/16/2012   $50
04/19/2012  05/22/2012   $55
04/22/2012  05/23/2012   $55




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