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Wakefield Class of 1960
Sarasota Spring Break 2013


2013 Sarasota mini-reunion was another great gathering!!

Click on this map for a large-scale map of the Tropical Breeze Resort






April 18-21, 2013 - 5th annual Sarasota Spring Break Mini-Reunion  - Also known as "Ken's Party in Paradise", the 5th annual gathering in Sarasota was more of what it's been in the past - another fabulous several days' getaway to great spring weather in beautiful settings.  For our 2013 gathering, April was a jewel of a month in Sarasota - the temperature was perfect, the humidity was low, the skies were predominantly clear with ceilings and visibilities unlimited (pilot talk); and the snowbirds had thinned out.  We had lots of Warriors and their spouses/partners/friends there on that long weekend in April.  Peak participation in 2013 was 42 - unforeseen events precluded several that had planned to come from participating.  We were disappointed that they couldn't make it, we missed them, and it was a great chance to enjoy the "regulars", as well as seeing some Warriors that aren't so familiar seen in a while from way back when, in a beautiful part of Florida, at that gorgeous time of the year.

The official kick-off was, as usual, an early afternoon (~1 pm) gathering on Thursday - April 18th this year.  However, quite a few people showed up earlier, to help get everything ready and to extend their enjoyment by a day or a few days.  Our "Headquarters" facility once again (at the Tropical Breeze Resort on Siesta Key), was the Pool House (hospitality room) - adjacent to (what else?), a nice pool, and deck and tiki hut areas.  And so the venues for engaging with others were varied and interesting.

Ken Scruggs was our much-appreciated host once more, and helped to keep everyone and everything headed in the right direction.  Thanks also to Martie Mann Ginnsberg, who kept excellent track of payments and other admin details.  As always, there was no registration fee for joining the party (for Class of 1960 Warriors {or 1959 or 1961} or their guests).  Costs for participants entailed, first, whatever was spent on transportation to get to Tropical Breeze Resort.  Those who lodged "on the compound", enjoyed Tropical Breeze's very reasonable rates.  Other costs were a few meals, the optional Friday evening Marina Jack 2 dinner cruise ($56 per person), the optional Friday morning Flying Fish fishing outing ($50 per person), and/or admissions to various tourist attractions (see previous years' pages).  A number of meals were "in-house" at the Pool House (no charge), and there were 24/7 - make that 16/7 - munchies and beverages, as well as a stocked refrigerator and cooking facilities.

       Click here to see descriptive info on the FLYING FISH fishing boats

       Click here to see cost/duration info on the FLYING FISH fishing outings

The number of people that made 2013's Sarasota festivities at some point or another (42) was down five from last year.  However, the core of people that were involved throughout the entire duration was a very high percentage.  The list of attendees follows, and after that will be the photos (just a few for now - more coming soon).  Take a look - there are a lot of happy faces in the pictures below, wouldn't you say?  Your smiling face could be in the 2014 pictures, and it is definitely not too early to be thinking about 2014.  Mark May 1st thru 4th on your calendars.  A number of classmates have already secured their Tropical Breeze reservations for the event.  We want to see YOU in Sarasota next year.

                                          SARASOTA 2013 PARTICIPANTS

Jim Bregman  & Terry Rusnak
Steve  & Joann  Burton
Yvonne Cason
Jeff Cason
Jeanne Croson  Midgett
Frank  &  Karen Fischer('61)  Bryer
Joan Furr  Harrell
Norman Griest  & Christine McIntyre
Bruce  &  Pat  Harting
Judy Jackson  Titus
Warren  &  Linda  Kasoff
Alex  &  Martie Mann  Grimberg
Karen  McDonald  Hill
John  &  Madeline Vallario('61)  McMillan
John Mello
Chris  &  Minja  Morgan
Jim  Perry
Bill and Jan Phillips
Carl & Peggy Phillips Allen
Steve Rees
Carol Reinhardt Harrigan
Janie Reitz Hewitt
Frank & Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Hubert & Carolyn Saunders Roberts
Ken & Rosalyn Scruggs
Dick  Wheeler
Bob('59) & Charlotte Wise Akers


Donations in every form have become a tradition in the Sarasota event.  There have been amazing donations of time and talent, of food and drink, and of money, of course.  Having a registration-fee-free event has always been an objective, and those who have enjoyed the Sarasota mini-reunions have stepped up to help ensure that many expenses are defrayed, so that minimum cost of attending will be minimum.  To help everyone better appreciate the part that donations play, a listing of this year's donors, and a listing of donations, is provided below.  Donations listings from last year are provided at the end of the aforementioned Sarasota 2012 pages.  Many, many thanks to all who have supported this annual event with their donations - financially and otherwise.


Bill & Beth Allen Berrio
Steve & Joann Burton
Yvonne Cason
Jeanne Croson Midgett
Norman Griest & Christine McIntyre
Bruce & Pat Harting
Warren & Linda Kasoff
Rich Lyons & Jeneane Webster
Karen McDonald Hill
John Mello
Chris & Minja Morgan
Jim & Fabienne Perry
Bill and Jan Phillips
Tim Reed
Carol Reinhardt Harrigan
Lorajane Reitz Hewitt
Frank & Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Hubert & Carolyn Saunders Roberts
Karen Treusch Lord
Dick & Amy Wheeler
Bob & Charlotte Wise Akers


04/19/2012  04/25/2012   $55
04/21/2012  05/01/2012  $100
04/21/2012  05/01/2012  $150
04/21/2012  05/01/2012  $100
04/21/2012  05/04/2012  $100
04/21/2012  05/16/2012   $10
04/21/2012  05/17/2012   $25
04/21/2012  05/21/2012   $50
04/19/2012  05/22/2012   $55
04/21/2012  05/23/2012   $55
11/07/2012  01/02/2013  $100
12/16/2012  01/25/2013  $200
02/14/2012  02/19/2013  $100
03/16/2013  04/05/2013   $50
03/13/2013  04/08/2013  $100
04/04/2013  04/11/2013  $100
04/05/2013  04/12/2013  $100
03/26/2013  05/07/2013   $44
04/18/2013  05/07/2013   $44
04/03/2013  05/08/2013   $25
04/18/2013  05/10/2013   $25
04/21/2013  05/16/2013  $200
04/18/2013  05/23/2013   $50
04/20/2013  05/28/2013   $40


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