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Wakefield Class of 1960
Sarasota Spring Break 2014


Yes, we had another very successful Party on Siesta Key Beach - Sarasota FL!!  Close to 60 Wakefield alumni, friends and family joined together to meet new friends, renew friendships and enjoy the wonderful times together.  About 12 classmates and spouses came early on Monday or Tuesday to enjoy Tuesday lunch on St Armand's Circle while eating at The Columbia Restaurant.  Others arrived on Wednesday and Thursday.  By the way, if you let us know in advance, we can pick you up at the Sarasota Airport.

The wave action was too rough for the fishing expedition this year, but many of us enjoyed walking the beach.  Wednesday night was dinner at Captain Brian's Seafood Restaurant.  Thursday afternoon was the big barbeque.  Friday it rained like crazy so we partied in the Pool House.   Water was running in the streets near the beach.  Fortunately it let up by evening and we set sail on the Marina Jack for a sunset/dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay. We filled up the entire upper deck with friends, views were wonderful and food great.  Touring included the Davinci Machine Exhibition in Bradenton.  Saturday the sun came out and we branched out to various attractions in Sarasota.  Of course, Saturday was Kentucky Derby Day and we all gathered to see the race.  The ladies (and some of the gents) wore their colorful bonnets.  It was all very festive.  Sunday we had a big breakfast and went our ways, reluctant to leave, but looking forward to next year.

Who came this year.

John Mello
Janette and Jerry Motley
Joann and Steve Burton
Carl and Peggy Phillips Allen
Jeanne Croson Midgett
Bob ('59) and Charlotte Wise Akers
Linde Stecker ('63) and Frank Wood
Beth Allen and Bill Berrio
Carroll Johnson Garcia and Carmen Diaz
Tim Sweeney
Audry McVean ('61)
Suzannah Early and Betsy Skipper
Kelliegh Smith
Hubert and Carolyn Saunders Roberts
Frank and Carol Scruggs ('57) Taylor
Ken Scruggs
Karen McDonald Hill
Ben and Priscillla Knicely
Alex and Martie Mann Grimberg
Christine McIntire and Norman Griest
Jeanne Webster and Rich Lyons
Fabiene and Jim Perry
Linda and Warren Kasoff
Carol Reinhardt
Frank and Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Dick Wheeler
Jan and Bill Phillips
Janie Reitz

The following is a gallery of pictures submitted by various photographers.  Just click on the thumnail print for an enlargement.  In no particular order:

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