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Wakefield Class of 1960
Sarasota Spring Break 2015

Sarasota 2015

Well, we had another great Party on Siesta Key Beach at Sarasota, Florida!  The 7th consecutive Party in Paradise.   Close to 30 Wakefield alumni, friends and family joined together to meet new friends, renew friendships and enjoy the wonderful times together.   Some came early.   Most arrived on Thursday.  By the way, if you let us know in advance, we can pick you up at the Sarasota Airport.

The weather for this party was the best that it has ever been - mid to high eighties, fair breeze, low humidity, blue skies, peaceful evenings and little wave action in the Gulf.  Wednesday, the early birds went to the Columbia on St. Armand's Circle for lunch.  Dinner was a pick-up prepared by the ladies.   Thursday lunch was the traditional barbecue.  Thursday night was dinner around the little town of Siesta Key.  Friday breakfast was pancakes prepared by Hubert and Carolyn Saunders.  Friday night we had dinner in the upstairs room of the Marina Jack.  Saturday some went to the local museums.  Saturday night was a pick-up dinner.  Sunday morning was leftovers, packing up, and good-byes.  A truly beautiful Party in paradise for all.

Who came this year.

John Mello
Steve Burton
Carl and Peggy Phillips Allen
Jeanne Croson Midgett and Joanie Bowman
Beth Allen and Bill Berrio
Audry McVean ('61)
Hubert and Carolyn Saunders Roberts
David (61) and Carol Brandt
Richard and Billie Monroe
Winkie Rees

Ken Scruggs
Alex and Martie Mann Grimberg
Christine McIntire and Norman Griest
Linda and Warren Kasoff
Carol Reinhardt
Frank and Deanna Rosenberg Garabo
Dick Wheeler
Jan and Bill Phillips
Janie Reitz

The following is a gallery of pictures taken by Frank Garabo.  Just click on the thumbnail print for an enlargement.  In no particular order:

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