Wakefield 60th Anniv: Homecoming Dance, Fri 17 May 2013

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What will be the year of the question marks?  Will the new school, like the old, last for 60 years (until 2073 for those of you that
did not pay attention in math).  The picture selected for the cake actually provides a good idea of the new school's general layout
The indoor sports wing is lined up in the foreground of the picture - front-to-back: pools, locker rooms, big gym, little gym.  The
opposite wing contains the studio theater; big theater/auditorium; meeting room; arts, photography, vocational training and other
specialty spaces; clinic; cafeteria; and the "Town Hall" (grand lobby/lounge).  In between the sports and education wings, at about
the middle, is the Admin area; and at the rear, the Library/Media Center.  Classrooms and labs predominate the 2nd and 3rd
floors of the education wing.

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