Wakefield 60th Anniv: Homecoming Dance, Fri 17 May 2013

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The card designating Class of 60's reserved table featured a car purported to be a 1960 Corvette.  Is it
really an authentic 1960?  The only visible difference between a 1960 and the earlier two years' models
is that 1960 was the first year the Corvette's steel wheels (under the hubcaps) were painted to match the
body color, red in this case. So if this was truly a 1960, the thin sliver of the steel wheel visible around the
edge of the hub cap would be red (rather than black for earlier years).  The picture's resolution is insufficient
to render an authoritative judgment.  Pete Mikedes snatched the card as a souvenir, so we'll have to rely on
Pete to render his verdict.  In the mean time, we can all breathe easier knowing that we won't suffer the
embarrassment of being unable to distinguish a Corvette of our graduation year from 1959 & 1958 models.

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