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Wakefield Class of 1960
Anniversary 1953-2013

Friday 2pm - Hall of Fame Inductions for 2013.

Friday evening 7-12pm - Alumni Homecoming Dance for all classes at Sheraton Pentagon City
      Light food was provided from 7:30-9:30, cake & coffee at 9:30.  There were 3 cash bars.
      Wakefield '60 had a table, 8 Class-of-1960 Warriors - 4 accompanied by spouses - went to the dance.
      There was a conversation room across from the main hall, for those wanting a break from the high decibel environment.

Saturday 10am-3pm - Warrior Open House, welcome tables at all lobbies.
      Wakefield Class of '60 - A group of us broke away for lunch at noon at the Bailey's Crossroads Olive Garden.
      Tour of the old building, 10am-3pm - Last chance to stroll around before the wrecking ball is unleashed (in June).
      Tour of the new building, 11am-2pm - The project manager for Arlington County conducted the tour.
      Memorabilia displays (photos, yearbooks &c), from all six decades, in the small gym
      Performing arts alumni and others checked in at the auditorium to reflect on what's been accomplished over the years.
      Orders were taken for building memorabilia (bricks, gym flooring &c), 60th Anniv memories books sold at the small gym
      School store gear was for sale, in lobby outside large gym
      Video booth allowed alumni to record some snippets of our memories, courtesy of the school system TV crew.
      Food court (cafeteria) Students were selling food, PTA welcomed visitors with coffee.
      Spirit team members (cheerleaders, stomp squad &c) convened at the big gym.
      Warrior alumni athletes dropped in at the large gym during the Open House and shared memories.
         Fall Sports emphasis 10:00 - 11:30 concluded with a group photo of all classes' fall sports athletes.
         Winter Sports emphasis 11:45 - 1:15 concluded with a group photo of all classes' winter sports athletes.
         Spring Sports emphasis 1:30 - 3:00 concluded with a group photo of all classes' spring sports athletes.
         Many memories were shared from back in the day.

Saturday Evening
      For the convenience of Warriors in town for 60th activites aside from the dance, a hospitality room was made available by the Sheraton Pentagon City Hotel for Wakefield (all classes) on the first floor near the bar area.  A variety of people from Wakefield's six decades were to be found there.

Wakefield Class of 1960 Point-of-Contact was Jeanne Croson Midgett.
      Call Jeanne if you have any questions: 703-560-7464.

Friday Afternoon Hall-of-Fame Ceremony

At a ceremony during school hours on 17 May, 7 new persons were inducted into Wakefield High School's Hall of Fame.  These were: Willard "Woody" Brittain, Jr '66; Timothy Hill '62; Ezra Knight '80; William Lang '79; Dr. David Lee '77; Larry Randall '65; and Donald Stover (Staff).

Pictures of the Hall of Fame events - There are lots of pictures of Friday's Hall of Fame events on the Wakefield Education Foundation web-site.

       Click here to go to the W.E.F. website's pictures from the Hall of Fame events

Friday Evening's Gala Homecoming Dance Events for all classes

Gala Homecoming Dance for All Classes - Held at the Pentagon City Sheraton on Columbia Pike, the Friday evening dance drew an attendance of almost 500, which averages out to 8 persons for each of the 60 years of Wakefield's existence.  There was a live band as well as a DJ, and dance music from all 6 decades of Wakefield's existence was provided.  Excellent light food, various deserts, birthday cakes for old and new Wakefield, and Starbuck's coffee were all included; and alcoholic beverages were available at cash bars.  Wakefield Class of 1960's participation was above the average - our peeps were:  Jim Bregman & Terry Rusnak; Steve Burton; Jeanne Croson Midgett; Norman Griest & Christine McIntyre; Bill & Dianna Huffman Evans; Pete Mikedes; Letty Sloan Mallery; and Dick & Amy Wheeler.  Also, after a dinner engagement with with some long-time friends elsewhere that involved most of their evening, Carl & Peggy Phillips Allen joined us at the dance venue in the latter part of the evening.

More Pictures of the Friday night dance - There are lots of pictures of the Friday night dance on the Wakefield Education Foundation web-site.

       Click here to go to the W.E.F. website's pictures from the dance 

Saturday's Open House at Old Building & Tour of Under-Construction New Building

Open-House  -  May 18th's last opportunity for alumni to congregate and walk the halls of old Wakefield drew a good crowd.  The school was open from 10am until 3pm.  Roaming throughout the building was permitted.  The Big Gym was allocated to gatherings and memorabilia from sports teams, cheerleaders, spirit squads, &c.  The small gym was allocated to other-than-sports activities over Wakefield's sixty years.  There were gathering areas and memorabilia displays for all years, grouped by decades.  Gatherings and memorabilia for performing arts alumni were located on the stage in the auditorium.  A photo/video area was set up in the corridor to the auditorium, which afforded visitors to have their picture taken with our totem pole, and to create video snippets of Wakefield memories.  Food and drink were available in the cafeteria and the cafeteria lobby.

The above open-house pictures are courtesy of W.E.F./John Abbott, class of '65

       Click here to go to the W.E.F. website for over 100 more pictures from the open house 

Among the hot spots of the day was the memorabilia-for-sale table outside the small gym.  One of the hottest sellers was History by Headlines: Wakefield High School, 1953-2013.  This is a 144 pg softcover book put together by Wakefield Education Foundation.  It is full of interesting history snippets and photographs to go with them.  The W.E.F. asks for a donation of $25 for a copy of this book.  You'll get your money's worth in enjoyment.  Click on the miniature cover below for an enlarged look - it's made up of Starstone covers from all Wakefield's years.  Other things that will be available in the future (after demolition has occurred) are bricks, squares of gym flooring, and squares of stage flooring.  Click on the miniature order form below for an enlarged look. 

Here's a list of the Class of the 1960 alumni believed to have been at the open house (if you were there but not listed, let us know):

Jim Bregman & Terry Rusnak
Steve & Joann Burton
Carolyn Bush  Adams
Jeanne Croson Midgett
Norman Griest & Christine McIntyre
Charlie & Dianne Hickman Mason
Bill & Dianna Huffman Evans
Rich Lyons & Jeneane Webster
Stan McGhee
John  &  Madeline Vallario ('61)  McMillan
Pete Mikedes
Carl & Peggy Phillips Allen
Letty Sloan Mallery
Bob Vance
Dick & Amy Wheeler

Under Construction Building Tour - Several groups of alumni (all classes) were able to take the tour of the under-construction new building.  The tour involved only the 1st floor of the building.  Comparisons are always interesting in situations such as this.  Click on the miniature comparison sheet below to enlarge it and see how the old and new schools stack up.

Referring to the above architect's renderings will help you understand what you're looking at in the pictures below.  In the rendering on the left, we see the new building in blue (situated where the baseball field used to be), and our beloved old school in orange (situated where it's always been).  The rendering on the right shows the floor plan of the new building in considerable detail.  Our tour of the under-construction building commenced in the lavender area at the bottom-center of the floor plan, at the corridor between the Studio Theater and the Set Shop.  The tour proceeded to the left on the floor plan, until we got to the very long corridor that goes to the Cafeteria, Library, and Small Gym.  We then turned to the Big Gym and the Pools.  The pool areas were inaccessible at the time.  Click on either rendering to get a larger view, which you can further zoom in on if you want.


Saturday's Class of '60 Lunch at Bailey's X-Roads Olive Garden

"You gotta eat", as one of the burger chains puts it.  A lunch get-together proved to be the best option for getting the Class of '60 Warriors in one place at the same time.  Some were planning on being at Wakefield only in the morning, and some were planning to be there only in the afternoon.  So lunch wound up being the nexus that pulled together a good collection of Wakefield '60 folks.  a focal point of our 


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