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Wakefield Class of 1960


When we were preparing for our 50th reunion, we started off by listing as "Classmates" those who attended Wakefield as seniors in the 1959-60 school year.  That of course did not include everybody we came to know over the course of our entire Wakefield experience.  Meaningful bonds developed in each grade that we progressed through at Wakefield.  Some of us who graduated in 1960 attended Wakefield for 6 years, some for 3 years, some for 1.  So as our 50th reunion neared, and we reflected on our days at Wakefield, we often thought of those who would have been there in 1960 if their parent's mobility hadn't intervened and taken our friends to other schools and other circumstances.  And it's not just a one-way feeling.  Some people that were not with us all the way to the end still feel a strong affinity with the Class of 1960.  The comment that came in which got efforts going to include a wider group was, "How about those of us who did not graduate with the class?  As a military brat, I attended Wakefield for 10th and 11th grades, and then had to attend senior year elsewhere."

That comment led to the decision to expand recognition in our web pages to include those that weren't with us for the finale.  And so we introduced a section in our web pages we called "Auxiliary Classmates" as a place to identify those who didn't take the whole ride with us.  The class's impressive research department (Rich Lyons) went to work on it, and came up with a list of people that attended Wakefield in the 1957-1959 school years but weren't with us when the 1959-1960 school year played out.

Initially, we had 6 new "Auxiliary" pages added at the end of our "Classmates" pages.  There has subsequently been further evolvement.  Many "Aux" people want more than just recognition on a few pages set aside for that purpose.  A goodly number would like to be an active part of our group, and attend our events.  So we've migrated them over into the "Classmates" category.  So our listing categories are kind of flexible.  And don't wait for us to figure out you're missing from our pages.  We'd be happy to list anybody who was with us at some point along the way." If being listed is your wish, just get in touch with Jeanne Croson Midgett (click on "Contact Us" in the top-of-page menu).  Also get in touch with us if you're already on our pages and we've got your name spelled wrong, or if you want us to include your married name. 

What do the headings in the "Classmates" listings indicate?

FIRST (name)

Our "official" names of record (as per 1960 newspaper articles listing our graduates, furnished by school records) will cause many of you to scratch your head and think, "We never called him/her that a single day of his/her high school life."  Well, that thought crossed our minds, too, as we were deciding what to display in the Classmates listings.  The fact is, in most circumstances we don't know for sure what your current day preference is, and so we've typically left things "official".  (But just to clear up one case where we do have very reliable information, we can say with assurance that Demetrios Sioris will not be irritated if you refer to him as "Jim".)

And a few "familiar" names have been recently added alongside first names, where there is no doubt as to their being preferred.  If you want a preferred "familiar" name reflected on these pages, contact Norman Griest by e-mail, mail, or phone.  Go to the "Contact" pages via the top-of-page menu.


Here again we are just parroting the 1960 STARSTONE and 1960 newspaper articles listing our graduates.  Our list has been pretty thoroughly checked-out over the years, so hopefully you won't find any surprises here.  Although first name is displayed first in the tables, sort-order is by last name.  Access the groups of names you wish to view by clicking on the menus at the left side of any of the CLASSMATES pages.


To the extent that this information has been made known to us, married names are reflected in the MARRIED column.  But, fifty plus years is a long time.  If we have your marital staus incorrectly listed, just let us know.


The STATUS column generally indicates if a classmate is known to be deceased.  Where "deceased" is in red, we are not in possession of an obituary.  So if you have any info that will help us in that regard, please pass that along to Rich Lyons.  Go to CONTACT US via the top-of-page menu.  In some cases, "missing" is the status shown, which means it has not been possible to verify one way or the other whether a classmate is alive or deceased.  Let us know if you know.


A "YES" in the "Attended Reunion" column is the best information we have on who made it to our 50th Reunion in October 2010, in Northern Virginia.  Due to last minute changes in classmates plans and mis-filing on our part, there may be a few mistakes.  If you see one, let us know.  Click on the top-of-page menu at "Contact Us".


This indicates who has been attending the Sarasota Mini-Reunion and how often.  There has been a Sarasota event each year since 2009.  See info on the 1960 Home page for information on the mini-reunion this year.

How can I get in touch with another classmate?

Contact Jeanne Croson Midgett and let him know who it is that you'd like to get in touch with.  Rich will contact that person, and that person will decide how/if communication should be facilitated.


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