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Wakefield Class of 1960
Reunion Committee

The REUNION COMMITTEE's makeup and function
(as of 25 Sep 2011)

The REUNION COMMITTEE is made up of Class of '60 Warriors who are committed to planning interesting get-togethers for our classmates, and otherwise keeping them engaged, in-touch, and informed through a variety of channels.  The Committee is currently composed of 8 voting members.

The primary requirement for serving on the committee is a commitment to keeping abreast of and actively participating in committee activities via various media (telephone, e-mail, proxies, etc.)  Immediate proximity to the northern Virginia area is helpful, but not necessarily a mandatory qualification.

The Reunion Committee elects and supervises a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer to implement and maintain: agenda, planning and projects; record-keeping and archival functions; and financial actions and records.  Terms for these four positions are generally for five years or the pleasure of the Committee.  Current incumbents in these four positions are indicated in the overall committee listing below.  Additionally, three standing functions are taken care of by the persons indicated at the bottom of the page.  In the ramp-up to the five-year reunions, temporary committees are established to handle various key functions.


Jim Blondell
Jim Bregman  -  Chairperson
Steve Burton - Vice Chairperson
Jeanne Croson Midgett  -  Secretary
Norman Griest  -  Treasurer
Dianna Huffman Evans
Peggy Phillips Allen - Newsletter Editor
Dick Wheeler - Webmaster

STANDING FUNCTIONS are those ongoing efforts that must be continued in between five-year reunions.  These pertain to the maintaining of good contact information, and to keeping in contact with Class of '60 alumni.  The Committee appoints persons to take care of standing functions as needed.


Class of '60 Contact  -  Jeanne Croson Midgett

Class of '60 Newsletter  -  Peggy Phillips Allen

Class of '60 Web Pages  -  Dick Wheeler 

Meetings of the Reunion Committee

The Reunion Committee gets together several times a year - to discuss what needs discussing, to plan what needs planning, to improve on what needs improving, and for social purposes.  All Committee functions are self-funded out of Committee members' pockets.  General treasury funds are used ONLY for classwide events.  Any donations you make to the general cause of Wakefield '60 do not support the Reunion Committee get-togethers in any way.  We typically meet at a restaurant, or in the houses of Committee members.

We'll post pictures of Committee gatherings every now and then, just so you know we're working on a regular basis to help keep things headed in the right direction.  See the pictures below of December 2016's social get-together (no business conducted).

Reunion Committee Holiday Lunch
December 3, 2016, at Magnolias

 Lunch.jpg (371758 bytes)
Clockwise: Steve and Joanne Burton, Jim Bregman, Terry Rusniak, Jim and Beverley Blondell,
Jeanne Midgett, Dick and Amy Wheeler, Norm Griest, Christine McIntyre, Dianna and Bill Evans. 
Peggy and Carl Allen are off enjoying Arizona.



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