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Wakefield Class of 1960

What are your donations used for?

Reunion Committee Business

We will no longer print the Newsletter after the 2016 summer edition.  All communications will take place either by direct e-mail or public access to our class website.  We still have certain costs associated with maintaining class records.   Donations to the class defray these costs.

Reunion Activities

We do need to have a reasonable pool of seed money in our treasury in order to make good-faith deposits for contracting services in advance around our major 5-year reunions - hotel, food service, music, and photography - to name a few.  And this is real money, not just promises.  We try to keep a balance of a few thousand dollars for this purpose.

Picking up the costs of a few invited guests to our reunions (e.g, faculty from our high school days and persons associated with contemporary Wakefield) is one of those things that - rather than adding to the registration costs - are being taken care of from your voluntary contributions.

From time to time one of our classmates needs some help in attending one of our functions.  Our resources are very limited, but we try to help those we can.   Don't be afraid to ask, don't hesitate to contribute.

So if it's been a while since you contributed anything to the Class of 1960.  Now would be a good time to consider making a contribution to our general treasury.  Make checks payable to "Wakefield H.S. Class of 1960" and mail to Jeanne Midgett at the address on the top of this page.  Our books are open to anyone wishing to see how funds are expended.  Expenditures of your hard-earned money get good scrutiny.

Sarasota Mini-Reunion

Some of our classmates who attend the Mini-Reunions in Sarasota make contributions to this activity.  These funds go primarily to cover expenses and help those who want to attend.

Donations Beyond Our Class

And if you've still got any money left after all the above, go to the Wakefield Education Foundation site, and do something for them too.  WEF has been very supportive of our efforts and allows us mount the 1960 class pages on their site - we are taking about over a gigabyte of information.  And WEF does some very worthwhile things with contributions, as is explained on the WEF site.

     Wakefield Education Foundation donations

Finally, consider the Arlington Outdoor Education Association, an organization that has been supported by many individual 1960 Warriors, as well as Wakefield 1960 as a group.

     Arlington Outdoor Education Association


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