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Welcome to the Home Page of

the Class of 1960 Alumni

Wakefield High School

Arlington, Virginia

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This website is designed for 1959-60 graduates of Wakefield High School
and "Auxiliary Classmates" who left before graduating.

Here you'll find information on Class of 1960 activities coming up, see reports and pictures of events past; get information here to help to plan sightseeing and extracurricular activities if you are coming to the Washington, D.C. area; and enjoy some things that will bring back memories.  The site is organized in the following way:

Home - An overview of current class activities
News - What we hear from our classmates.
Plans - What the Reunion Committee has planned for the year ahead.
Committee - Your Reunion Committee members.
Classmates - A list of all classmates.
Memories - Things past, reunions, yearbooks, memorabilia, student and staff obituaries.
Contact Us - How to contact the Reunion Committee.
Forms - Paperwork for upcoming events.
Donations - How to support the class and your classmates.
Links - Useful links for reunion venues and sightseeing sites.

rich.jpg (93645 bytes)Last Classmate Found

This July a Class milestone was passed.  After 30 years of hard work, Rich Lyons informed us that he had found the last missing Wakefield 1960 graduating classmate.   Remember, there were over 650 of us, many with name changes, many with several moves.  Kudos go to Rich, Jimmy Sioris, and Ken Scruggs who toiled through the years on this project.  Rich, in particular, has learned the intricacies of the Internet and how to find people.  And after countless hours he found the last unlocated class member on our list, Carolyn HANKINS (Troy), who lives in St. Augustine, Florida.  Rich has also been applying his search talents for the Wakefield Foundation.





Wakefield Class of 1960 Mailing Address

Wakefield Class of 1960
P. O. Box 1960
Springfield, VA 22151-1960

Jeanne Midgett checks the post office box frequrently and can answer most questions about the Class.  Alternatively, check the "Contact Us" page to see if there are contact persons on the Reunion Committee for your specific area of interest.

Newsletter and Snail Mail

The Reunion Committee has reluctantly decided to discontinue mailing out copies of the newsletter (after the 2016 summer newsletter) to classmates who have preferred receiving the newsletter by USPS mail.  With time, class resources are diminishing.  It is felt that most people have access to an e-mail address and can receive the newsletter in this way.  Anyone without a computer can access a computer at almost any public library and find past and present newsletter on the home page at:

     http://www.wakefieldalumni.org/classes/1960/ .

Dick Wheeler would like to stress that you write a short post card or e-mail to us when you change your contact information.  If you move without telling us it is possible we will lose track of you.

55th Reunion

The Wakefield Class of 1960 55th reunion was held on Friday, October 9, through Sunday, October 11, 2015, the Columbus Day Weekend, at the Hilton Washington Dulles Hotel next to Dulles Airport off of route 28.  Details and pictures are now available on the Memories page under 2015 Reunion.

Sarasota Mini-Reunion

The 10th annual Sarasota Mini-Reunion was held May 3-6, 2018.  The Mini-Reunion is also known as "Ken's Party in Paradise", or PIP for short, a relaxing and entertaining chance to walk in the sun and visit with old friends.  The 10th annual gathering in Sarasota was what it's been in the past - several days' getaway to great spring weather in beautiful settings.  May is a great time to be in Sarasota - the temperature is moderate, the humidity is still relatively low, and the skies are predominantly clear.  Our venue was right on the Gulf, just spectacular.  Here we are on Saturday, Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo Day.

18pp500.jpg (361094 bytes)

To see some pictures of this and previous Mini-Reunions, click on the following links: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Plans for 2019 have been arranged by Ken Scruggs for May 2-5, 2019 or any part thereof.  For the third year our venue will be the Gulf Coast Beach Resort on Lido Key, just across the Ringling Causeway from downtown Sarasota and within walking distance of St. Armond's Circle with its many shops and restaurants.  Click on the link for details.  Space is limited in the motel, so it would make sense to reserve a room as soon as possible.

Sarasota 2019

Wakefield '60 Summer Newsletters

THE 2018 July Newsletter is now available below.  If you have something of general interest that should be included in the 2019 Newsletter, get in touch with Jeanne Croson Midgett.

       Click here for Contact info.

Previous Newsletters

Warriors at Sea

While enjoying refreshments and catching up with friends in Sarasota in 2011, several classmates indicated they were interested in a class cruise for 2012 – something leaving from a port in Florida.  So Jeanne Midgett, of the Reunion Committee, did some research and found a discounted 7-day Caribbean cruise leaving Tampa in November, 2012.  Twelve Warriors and friends made that first cruise.  Following the success of that cruise, another group sailed on the Island Princess to Alaska in 2014.  This past September, 21 Warriors sailed on the Serenade of the Seas to ports in New England and Canada.  To see some of the fun they had, click on the pictures below to go to pages with pictures of the adventures.

Our next cruise is set for November 10-17, 2018, leaving from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and we are sailing to the eastern Caribbean.  Several people have already signed up.   To see particulars, click on the picture of the Celebrity "Summit" below.   So, get your passport, pack some shorts and tee shirts, and get set for some Warrior fun.


carnivallegend.jpg (59748 bytes) islandprincess.jpg (97153 bytes)
Carnival Legend
Carribean Cruise June 4-11, 2012
Island Princess
Alaskan cruise June 4-14, 2014


serenade of the seas.jpg (70671 bytes) Celebrity Summit.jpg (45838 bytes)
Royal Caribbean’s “Serenade of the Seas”
New England Cruise September 18-25, 2016
Celebrity "Summit"
Carribean Cruise November 10-17, 2018


Fall Picnic

The Reunion Committee has had an Annual Fall Picnic in Northern Virginia for several years.  Jim and Beverley Blondell have generously hosted the last few picnics at their beautiful and spacious home, 3001 South Erin Drive, Oakton, Virginia.  This is about a mile north of Route 66 off the VA 123 [Vienna, Fairfax] exit.  You can find a map here.  Their house is located at the top left hand corner with a red dot.

This years Fall Picnic was held Saturday, October 6, 2018, Saturday.  Here we were on a beautiful Fall day.  Not shown is Bill Hartnett who left early.

2018 Wakefield Picnic.JPG (310362 bytes)
Back: Carl Allen, Janet Cox Nichols, Steve Burton, Jim Blondell, Dick Wheeler, Jim Bregman,
Rich Lyons, Norman Griest, Christine McIntyre, and Bill Evans
Front: JoAnn Burton, Dianne Hickman Mason, Peggy Phillips Allen, Letty Sloan Mallory,
Jeanne Croson Midgett, Beverly Blondell ('61), Dianna Huffman Evans, Jeneane Webster, Terry Rusnak
and Mosby

To see what previous years were like, click on one of the following links: 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017.

Fallen Warriors


       Click here to go to CLASSMATE OBITUARIES

Faculty/Staff obituaries have been posted as of FEBRUARY 27, 2017 for 2015 onward for SYDNEY CUMINS, MARY HANCOCK, ROBERT HODINKO, and GERARD SHELTON.

       Click here to go to FACULTY/STAFF OBITUARIES



Many Thanks

Conchita John Tom.jpg (114437 bytes)We are indebted to the Wakefield H.S. Education Foundation (WEF), for hosting our Class page, and to Conchita Saulmon Mitchell (Class of '66 and President of WEF) for putting us in touch with a couple of savvy web page gurus, namely:

John Abbott (Class of '65 and Wakefield H.S. Education Foundation Webmaster) who put together a "strawman" framework for us, gave us many tips, and has continually installed new and updated pages for us on the WEF site; and

Tom Rowlett (Class of '59 and web-master for the '59 Class pages) who steered us to some invaluable references and software, gave us many tips, and shared his web-page coding for the Wakefield '59 Class pages for edification.

We are also indebted to those who have served on the Reunion Committee (before the current membership) going back to our very first small steps as a group.  This group has included, but is probably not limited to, Charlotte Wise Akers, Betty Lou Albrite Johnson, Sonja Amchan Schultz, Nancy Brockway Overman, Dianne Hickman Mason, Judy Jackson Titus, Alyce Lewis Lovelace, Paul Marshall, Tina Roudabush Norelli, Fred Parker, Paul Shannon, Jimmy Sioris, Sally Taylor Recinos, Art Vieregg, Dave Wiggins, and Nancy Cullins Wilkens. 

Hartnett.jpg (47770 bytes)A last, very important former member of the Reunion Committee was Bill Hartnett, who was our first Class Webmaster.  Starting from scratch he taught himself how to write, then publish our/his website on the internet.  Signal accomplishments were the scanning of our yearbook into computer-displayable form as well as writing the code necessary to display and navigate through it.  We are indebted to Bill.  Norm Griest and Dick Wheeler have followed in his footsteps.

Please note that the Wakefield High School Alumni Association and Education Foundation has shortened up its name to the Wakefield H.S. Education Foundation, but still serves Wakefield students and alumni, and still has its original website address (for now at least).  Click on link below to go to the WEF website.


Click here to get to WAKEFIELD H.S. EDUCATION FOUNDATION web site

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