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Wakefield Class of 1960


We have collected various artifacts from our Wakefield years and beyond and will mount them on this page as they become available to us.  The first object is a satellite picture taken of Wakefield in recent years but before construction of the new Wakefield began.  Most notable are the additions since 1960 of a swimming pool, the extension of the library into the senior courtyard, and the paving of the student parking lot.

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For a look at our Commencement Program, June 14, 1960, click on one of the thumbnail pictures below.

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W&L ProgramRoster1960 was a big year for Wakefield.  It was the first year in Wakefield's young history that the Warriors beat the Generals, our cross-county rival Washington and Lee High School, 7-6, in football.  Overall, Wakefield went 6-1-2 that season.  Click on the thumbnail images for enlargements.  Click here for The Northern Virginia Sun's story about that game and here for a Washington Post story ranking the area football teams for the season.


wakefield falls church.jpg (57007 bytes)We have come into possession of the second half of a game tape from the Wakefield/Annandale football game which was played to a 7-7 tie during the Fall of 1959.  It was given to Conchita Saulmon Mitchell (‘66) from a member of the class of 1960 at Annandale High School.  The original movie tape was probably 8 millimeter and has been digitized.   The plays are strung out sequentially with all extraneously action cut.  The tape is too long to show here.  But, I have produced a portion of the tape from the beginning of the half where the Warriors drove down the field for a score.  Jim Latham was the quarterback.  Art Vieregg was the right end.  Click on the image to see the action.

Over the years at Wakefield we have joined various groups, participated in various organizations, attended numerous events, and socialized with many other students.  In the process we collected a treasure chest of momentoes.  After a lifetime of housecleaning events and moves much of this material has been relegated to the trash bin.   But some momentoes remain.  Here is a sampling of this memorabilia collected by us.


Card1.JPG (93639 bytes)   Card3.JPG (79940 bytes)Card2.JPG (78270 bytes)  Card4.JPG (51239 bytes)Card6.JPG (78659 bytes)  Card5.JPG (56508 bytes)

Well, you get the idea.  Go here to see a collection of other memorabilia.


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