Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

George Koenig
b:            d: 1987

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George Koenig picture GEORGE KOENIG, Homeroom President 3; Rocket Society 2; Moonwatch 4; Tennis 2, 3; SIGNAL Production Manager 2, 3, Editor 4; Gym Assistant 4.
Jane Koenig Terry (number 5 of the 6 Koenig kids) wrote:
Thank you for your inquiry to my sister, Bettie, regarding our brother, George Koenig.   What you heard is correct.  George passed away in 1987.  It is hard to believe it has been so long.  George remembered his high school years at Wakefield fondly and it is a tribute to you all that you have kept in touch over these years.   George was a lifelong learner.  He served in the Marine Corps, received his BA from Old Dominion University, an MBA from Purdue University and later attended law school.   He was Comptroller for Kelsey Hayes in Detroit and his last work was as a contract negotiator for the EPA in Washington.  He had many loves - most of all his family and bubble-back Volvos!  He enjoyed car rallies, skiing and golf.  He was survived by his parents, who are since deceased, and his two brothers and three sisters, three of  whom attended Wakefield.  I might be considered a traitor - I went to W&L!   George was a wonderful, devoted brother and we still feel his absence.  We appreciate you remembering him.  Please let me know you received this as I'm not sure I wrote the email address correctly when I spoke to my sister.  Thank you.

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