Baxter Lemmond

1980 Reunion Directory
Attorney. Daughter, Cabell, age 6.
After leaving dear old Wakefield, I attended Virginia Tech where I graduated with a BS in History and Political Science Class of '64.  After a short stint in pilot training, which I entered through the Virginia Air National Guard, I moved to Richmond where I entered the investment business in January of '66.  I worked for various brokerage firms for eight and a half years, while doing graduate work in Business Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University.  In August of '74 I entered T. C. Williams School of Law at the University of   Richmond, where I was graduated with a J.D. in August of '76.  While in school, I had the fortune of attending a session at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, England.  After being admitted to the Virginia Bar, I practiced law in Southwest, Virginia for three years and along the line, for "Old Times Sake", also became a member of the Washington, D.C. bar. 
Subsequently (after no small struggle) I became a member of the Florida Bar and moved to Key West where I now live, April 26, 1980.  KEY WEST IS BEST!  On September 2, 1980 I became an Adjunct Professor of Law at the Florida Keys Community College.

1985 Reunion Directory
Attorney at Law, Child: Cabell, 13.
I moved back to the Northern Virginia area August 5th.  Prior, I practiced law in Key West for 5 years.  I closed my office and moved back here so I wouldn't have so far to travel for the reunion.  I might also look for work as I am currently unemployed.  Or am I self-employed?  I am glad to be back for professional, cultural, mystical and social reasons.  South Florida was too much.  Did you see "Body Heat?"

1990 Reunion Directory
Attorney at Law and Student, Child: Cabell, 18.
After practicing law for 13 years in Virginia and Key Went, Florida, I am going back to school -- again.  The last several years I have worked very closely with the Bar sponsored program in Virginia called "Lawyers Helping Lawyers" which deals directly with lawyers and judges with serious alcohol/drug problems.  In order to further help in this cause, I am entering graduate school at V C.U. to get a masters degree in Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitative Counseling.  The above moves have taken me back to Richmond, where I once lived from 66-77.

1995 Reunion Directory
Since the 1990 reunion, I have completed a Masters' Degree in Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Counseling; practiced law in Richmond until May 1994, when Caroll and I moved to our lovely Island home.  I am the first lawyer ever here, do mostly real estate.  Married Caroll at our home (called Toucan Dream) last February.  We have traveled a lot together.  Alyce was here for the wedding...she and Caroll are now best of friends.  We have 1 cat and 2 and a half birds -- the newest a Moluccan Cockatoo. Life is good; I have never been happier.

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