Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Stephen Grey Livesay
b: 9/9/1942     d: 8/16/1993

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Steve Livesay picture STEVE LIVESAY
Stephen G. Livesay, 9/9/42- 8/14/93.  After graduation and a few years in the Post Office, Steve joined the U.S. Park Police receiving the medal of valor in 1973 for rescuing a woman from drowning off Rock Creek Parkway.  Retiring in 1979 he spent the next years in Annapolis, Maryland becoming the best sailor he could be.  Even living aboard and sailing the Islands. Steve leaves three grown children and one grandchild.

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Tribute to Medal of Valor Recipients

Citations of Valor are presented to Officers who have demonstrated unusual courage 

involving a high degree of personal risk in the face of great danger.


   1960- Officer Frank E. Papuga

Stopping a runaway truck


1960- Officer James D. Finch

Rescue of three persons from a burning building in Takoma Park, Maryland


1967- Officer Carl R. Holmberg

Rescue of a woman from the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.


1967- Officer Kenneth Cornwell

Rescue of a citizen from the Potomac River


1969-Officer Louis Robinson

Rescue of a Metropolitan Police Sergeant


1971-Officer Raymond L. Hawkins

Shot while attempting to stop an armed robbery in progress, Marlow Heights,

Prince George County Maryland.


1971-Officer Henderson Kea

Wounded while attempting to stop an armed robbery in progress,

Prince Georges County, Maryland


1973-Sergeant  Stephen G. Livesay

Rescue of a woman from Rock Creek, Washington, D.C.

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