Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Jeffrey S. Winter
b: 12/14/1942     d: 2/27/1996

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Jeffrey Winter picture JEFFREY WINTER, Optimi Hi-Y 4; BISA 2,3.
Bill Phillips (Class of 1960) wrote to Rich Lyons:
I visited with the parents of Jeff Winter several years ago, since Jeff and I were close buddies in high school.  They told me the following: Jeff was visiting relatives in the Buffalo, New York area.   There was a big snow storm and Jeff went out to help shovel the sidewalk.  He slipped on the ice and fell, hitting his head on concrete.  He later went to bed rather than getting examined, thinking the blow to his head was not serious.   Unfortunately, he died in his sleep from a brain hemorrhage.  His parents still live in South Arlington, Virginia.

Marian Southard Schneiderheinze (Class of 1960) wrote to Rich Lyons:
Jeff Winter had a son and daughter, Amanda and I believe Jeff, Jr.  I don't remember Amanda's married name.  Both childern still lived in the metro area when my mother died in 1999.  In
2000, grandpa was supposed to go live with the grandson.   Hope this helps.

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