Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Beverly Bancroft.
b:      d: 7/30/2013

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BEVERLY BANCROFT, Library Assistant 4.
From Tom Rowlett:

Rich: Nancy Bancroft wanted you in the Class 0f 1960 to know about the death of her sister.

Tom, if you have contact with the alumni coordinator for the class just behind us -- Class of 1960 -- please forward this to let them know that their classmate (my sister) Beverly Bancroft died of cancer this past Tuesday, July 30.  Her life was beautiful, and her death was peaceful.  She lived for many years in France and is survived by her family there:  the author and art critic, John Berger;  their son, Yves, his wife Sondra; and two lovely grandchildren -- Melina, age 11, and Vincent, age 3. Her funeral was at 11:30 this morning at the (only) church in Mieussy, a town in HauteSavoie, France.
Thanks, Nancy

HendeD2014.jpg (49013 bytes)Our classmate David Henderson has written Beverly a tribute in the Boomer Cafe dated January 20, 2014.  You can find it at The Boomer Cafe

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