Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Axel Walter Bellinghoven
b: 1/28/1941     d: 7/22/2017

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bellia1960.jpg (33221 bytes) AXEL BELLINGHOVEN, Homeroom Treasurer 4.
Axel Walter Bellinghoven, 76, of Fredericksburg, Virginia, passed away Saturday, July 22, 2017 at his home.  Axel was born January 28, 1942 in Berchtesgaden, Baveria, Germany.   Beloved son of Walter and Charlotte Louise nee Moschansky Bellinghoven.   Beloved step-son to Walter Beers.  Beloved half-brother of Linda Beers Buie.   Beloved former husband of Sandra Levane nee Colton Bellinghoven, his high school sweetheart.  Loving father of: Michael W Bellinghoven, and David Wayne Bellinghoven.   Loving grandfather to seven grandchildren.

Axel grew up initially in Germany and met his father only once.  His father was, a Master Sergeant in the German Army during WWII, was captured by the Russians while he was enroute home to see his family at the end of the war, and spent seven years in a Russian POW prison camp.  Upon his release, Axel's father Walter, visited his wife and son just once.  Axel met him in the kitchen of the place he and his mother lived at that time.   Axel's mother had moved on with her life in the years that Axel's father was held.

Axel's mother eventually married Staff Sergeant Walter Anthony Beers of the US Army and emigrated to the United States settling in Arlington County, Virginia, where Axel attended and graduated from Wakefield High School in 1960.

Axel served in the United States Air Force as a Radio Operator.  After Axel separated from the Air Force he made a career as a independent commercial sign painter.

Axel married Sandy and together they had two sons, Michael and David.  Sadly their marriage ended in divorce.

For many years Axel lived with his girlfriend Karen; their relationship ended after Axel needed major medical assistance for a long-term illness, and was chiefly cared for by his second son David.

Axel apparently died peacefully at his residence in Fredericksburg, Virginia in his sleep overnight and was found by his son David.

Cremation pending with possible spreading of ashes at Treasure Island, Warren County, Virginia; Axel's favorite fishing place.

Covenant Funeral Service

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