Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Curtis John Schoppert
b: 1/16/1941     d: 5/15/1997

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Curtis Schoppert picture CURTIS SCHOPPERT, Art Club 3.
Curtis' wife Louetta Schoppert writes:
Curtis John Schoppert was born January 16, 1942.   John graduated from Wakefield High School on June 14, 1960.  He married Louetta M. Schoppert Jume 12, 1964; had 2 children, Leslie Danielle, born in 1967 and Jason Neil, born in 1972.  John also is survived by  3 grandchildren: Brandon Michael, age 13; Alexander Jonathan, age 11; and Carleigh Marie, age 9.  Curtis passed away on May 15, 1997 in Fairfax, Virginia of cancer.

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