Wakefield '60 Classmates: In Memoriam

Charles Theodore "Ted" Biswanger, III
b: 4/23/1942     d: 11/27/1970

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Ted Biswanger picture THEODORE BISWANGER, last attended Wakefield in 1958.
The Monterey Peninsula Herald, Monterey, California - December 7, 1970
Navy Lt. Charles "Ted" T. Biswanger's body was found late yesterday afternoon in the rugged foothills of Junipero Serra Peak by his brother-in-law, the last man to see him alive when they went wild pig hunting November 27.  John Maupin of Greenfield, a U.S. Forest Service ranger who was accompanied yesterday by another ranger, Steve Allaire, said the 27-year-old naval officer apparently fell from a cliff at a point about a day's hike from where they became separated.  It was "an extremely inaccessible spot of the north fork of the Santa Lucia Creek," Allaire said. Biswanger's rifle, binoculars and pack were with him.  He said the rifle stock had been broken, possibly in a fall. Deputy County Coroner Harvy Hillbun said late this morning that an autopsy revealed no fractures.  He listed the cause of death as exposure.  He said Biswanger had been dead "for several days," but the exact time could not be pinpointed.   Biswanger was wearing Navy dungarees, a red sweater and brown Navy boots.  The U.S. Naval Postgraduate School student had been the object of a massive land and air search by the sheriff's rescue squad, forest rangers, students from MPGS and military personnel from Hunter Liggett Military Reservation and Fritzsche Field at Fort Ord.  Maupin and Allaire were taken to their drop-off point yesterday by Navy helicopter from the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field.  Five NPGS students were also in the search party.  Bad weather had hampered search efforts most of last week.  Biswanger's tent was above the snowline, but his body was found below yesterday's snow level.  The Healey Mortuary in Salinas is in charge of arrangements.  Biswanger was in the U.S. Navy stationed on the U.S.S Higby.

CHARLES THEODORE BISWANGER III, Ted , 15th Company.   Although the son of an Army officer, Ted decided it was Navy for him, and from all indications, he made the right choice.  Whenever he is not buried in his steam or skinny book, his mind is somewhere on one of the Academy's yachts.  His major outside interest is ocean sailing and his favorite pastime is browsing through a book of yacht racing decisions to find new situations to protest in the next race.  Before the sail, "CTB III" resorted to powered craft, earning his NA in Crew during the Youngster year. Ted's periodic absentmindedness has made him the object of much ribbing, but he takes it with the best of humor.  A dedicated destroyernan, Ted's knowledge of the sea will make him a valuable man on any ship.

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