55th Wakefield Reunion

The 55th reunion was a success.  Fifty classmates and thirty spouses and friends gathered at the Dulles Airport Hilton on October 16-18 for two nights of fun, music, and conversation.  Three people registered but could not attend.  You can find who was there HERE.  Bold faced names are class members.  The cost of the reunion was on the order of $8,000, paid for by registration fees and donations from classmates.  Entertainment was mostly provided by Norman Griest and Christine McInyire.

We have a number of pictures from early-bird arrivals on Thursday night, the buffet Friday night, the tour of Wakefield Saturday morning, the dinner Saturday night, and the breakfast Sunday morning.  The pictures are in chronological order.

Thursday Night in the Mosby Room

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Friday Night Buffet

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Tour of Wakefield

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Lunch at the Olive Garden

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Saturday Night Dinner

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Finishing Up on Sunday

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