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Wakefield Class of 1960


Click on a Thumbnail you want to enlarge.  That will open a new window showing the selected Starstone page, along with its facing page, at about half scale.  Widen the new browser window out enough that you can see the facing pages side-by-side.  From there, you can blow a single page up to its original size by clicking on it.   The Previous<>Next buttoms allow you to go forward or backward through the yearbook.  The other buttoms allow you to jump to specific sections of the yearbook.   Finally, you can jump to a particular person's picture by using one of the following links:

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We owe a good deal of gratitute to BILL HARTNETT, who many years ago scanned our yearbook into computer-displayable form, as well as put together much coding to display and navigate through them.  Many thanks, Bill!

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE THE STARSTONE FINAL PROOFS ARE?  If the original photographs and layouts are still available anywhere, we'd like to scan them to improve the STARSTONE's appearance on these web pages.  If any of you involved in the creation of the STARSTONE has any idea as to where the proofs finally came to rest (at the printers, at the school, at the county archives?); or, if anyone knows how to get in touch with Mr. Simms (faculty advisor for STARSTONE) please get in touch with Norman Griest (see Contact Us at top-of-page menu.)


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