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Wakefield Class of 1960

Where are 1960's Warriors, and what are they doing?

Our ranks are thinning as time passes.  We now have 156 fallen Warriors.  Go to the Memories page for more information.

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Our class has spread out to just about everywhere, so chances are you might be able to find classmates nearby if you look for them.  Those of you who attended the reunion have the most up-to-date directory of phone numbers, addresses, and e-mail addresses.   If you could not attend, we have a few directories left.  Direct your inquiries to Jeanne Croson Midgett.  And don't forget, we're here to help. Jeanne is familiar with the national and international distribution of 1960 Warriors; and Ken Scruggs knows the landscape in Florida.  If there are other 1960 Warriors near you that are interested in linking up with classmates, Jeanne and Ken can be of assistance.

Take a little time and let us know what you're doing that's interesting.


Our classmate Dick Wertime writes: "Hi, Dick. Tomorrow--August 7th, 2018--I teach my last class as a longtime college/university professor as I end an unbroken 50-year full-time career as a Professor of English, the last 43 years at what is now Arcadia University (formerly Beaver College of notorious name), the first 7 at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Time to retire! I continue to live, as I have for many years, on Philadelphia's Main Line, and in mid-September will become a great-grandfather for the first time as my second granddaughter Beckie, 31, and her husband Tim have their first child. Five grandchildren, all told, ranging in ages from 34 down to 14; four children, a daughter Michele, 55 (who lives in Fairfax), and three sons ranging in age from 54 down to 35. My own travels have taken me across the world (my eldest son Kent lives in Bangkok), but most often to Italy, whose language I speak well and where I've become the "adoptive" member of many genial Italian families."  The picture is of Dick on an Alpaca farm in New Jersey where he went on his 76th birthday.

fred parker (147559 bytes)The Class of '60 has had one of its members elected to the Wakefield Hall of Fall - Fred Parker, who, along with his brother Jim, was inducted in 2017.  Conchita Mitchell writes: The Parker brothers grew up across the street from the old Wakefield building. Their mother, Lois Parker, was the Central Attendance Secretary at Wakefield. Those two things meant they were never late for school.  Jim died in 2014.  Fred was at the induction ceremonies representing both of them.

Fred studied graphic design at the University of Arizona and worked in the Exhibit Design Staff at the National Gallery of Art.  Jim, a talented musician, was an accountant when Fred approached him to start a small business. Together, using a recipe from their grandfather, who had been a chuck wagon cook for cowboys in Texas, and skills from their aunt, who once owned a chili restaurant in Oklahoma, they created Hard Times Chili.   The Hard Times Café opened in 1980 and became an acclaimed chili parlor visited by notable personalities.  Hard Times Café grew to 16 locations with outlets at Washington Nationals Park and the Verizon Center.  Jim won more than 100 cooking competitions and in 2005, USA Today named Hard Times Café as one of the 10 best places in the Country for chili.

The restaurant business is famous for high turnover rates in staff.  Not so with Hard Times. It had one of the lowest in the country.  Some of their employees worked for Hard Times for over a decade, a few for over twenty years.  The Parker brothers created a deep sense of community in their workplace environment.

Their nominator said Fred and Jim learned self-motivation, confidence and tenacity at Wakefield.  It is also possible they learned it from their mother. Besides being a well-loved fixture at Wakefield, Lois Parker was also a bit of a hero.  As a 20 year old, she and her brother gave a ride to a man only to find out he was armed and an associate of Bonny and Clyde.  Lois’ quick thinking saved the day when she drove the car into a sandy bank where he was found by the police and returned to prison.  It was national news and she earned the title of "Oklahoma Wildcat" for her daring capture of the escaped convict.  Since their mom was the attendance secretary and they probably never missed school, maybe they got their motivation, tenacity and confidence from both mom and Wakefield.

Jim wants to be sure that today’s students know that you “never stop learning … get used to it.”  Their induction statement follows:

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Here are five of our classmates from the local area who meet every few months for lunch.  From left to right: Barbara Hopkins, Letty Sloan Mallery, Jeanne Croson Midgett, Judy Jackson Titus, and Muffy Perdy Hanna.  There last lunch was in July 2017.  If you are interested in joining them next time, give Jeanne a call at 703-560-7464 or e-mail her at

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bill and cornelia redd.jpg (93601 bytes)We don't know who has the oldest child in the class, perhaps it is the Thomases, we will have to ask.  But we would be willing to guess that Bill Redd may have the youngest child.  Here is a picture of Bill and Cornelia Redd taken a few years ago.  Cornelia is a senior in high school this year, getting ready to head off to college in 2017.  Good luck Cornelia, you have good genes.







Living out West

susanmoore.jpg (169132 bytes)After receiving a note from the Committee at Christmas 2016, Susan Moore McKelvy wrote:  "We continue to live in the mountains SW of Denver and still have dogs and 3 horses which we trail ride in the summer.  We are active members of the Front Range Backcountry Horsemen involved with clearing fallen trees and brush from myriad trails including the Colorado Trail.  This winter we are experimenting with Arizona, boarding our horses there and living in a park model (aka house trailer) in Mesa.  Our horses are boarded nearby.  Not  certain if it is for us, but nicer than shoveling and plowing snow in Buffalo Creek.  I attach a pic of my Missouri Fox trotter, Irish, Labrador, Kona, and myself taken on the Colorado Trail last summer."





Leading up to the 50th reunion Bill Redd, Evelyn Hernandez Hewitt, Sally Taylor Recinos, and Bill Chandler took a survey of our class to look at the life trajectories of some of those attending.  It is entitled 60 Voices from the Class of '60 and makes for interesting reading.  Click here for  The Survey


Wakefield's Principal

Wakefield got a new principal in July 2010.  Dr. Chris Willmore has been in charge ever since, and - as all of us who became better acquainted with him during our 50th Reunion Weekend know - he is a very impressive man.  He served as vice-principal from 2002 until he became principal.  Although he has an extensive and diverse resume, his youthful energy and enthusiasm are also remarkable.  He more than delivered on his pledge to give Wakefield Class of 1960 support and assistance in making our 50th experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.  He has also been instrumental in the transition from the old Wakefield (our Wakefield) to an ultramodern new building constructed on the corner of Dinwiddie and George Mason Drive.  We will get a chance to view the new building during our reunion next year.

Click on the next thumbnail to open up a window with a news release concerning the promotion and background of Dr. Willmore, and some new staff members.

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