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Gunston Yearbook - 1960

The images below are for the 1960 issue of the Gunston Globe. To see the details of each page, click on the image to open it in a new window/tab.

Cover Page


Faculty Photo

Class Officers

N. Allen - C. Davis

D. Davis - M Minson

A. Hirsch - J. LoPresti

C. McClinton - E. Reid

J. Reid - L. Stombock

J. Stone - R. Youngs

Homeroom 8-1 to 8-3

Homeroom 8-4 to 8-7

Homeroom 8-8 to 8-11

Homeroom 7-1 to 7-2

Homeroom 7-3 to 7-6

Homeroom 7-7 to 7-10

Homeroom 7-11 to 7-14

Wrestling & Track Teams

Football, Basketball
& Cheerleaders

Girl's & Boy's Chorus

Band, Future Teachers,
Student Council

Orchestra, FHA, GAA

Science, Drama &
Radio Clubs

The Globe, Science Fair,
Optimist Winner

Photo Montage