Gunston 1960
Gunston circa 1960
Gunston 2015
Gunston 2015

During our recent 50th Reunion, I had a conversation with classmate Glen Mattox about our years at Gunston. That conversation resulted in Glen allowing me to borrow and scan his copies of the Gunston Globe - the class yearbook for the years we attended Gunston -1960, 1961 and 1962. The links below will open a page for the indicated yearbook.

1960 Yearbook
1961 Yearbook
1962 Yearbook

Kathy Walton Poteet has found a copy of the program for our Ninth Grade Promotion Exercises.

See the images on the Promotion page.

Harry Boscoe has found a copy of the program for HMS Pinafore, which was performed on March 23 and 24, 1961 (we were in the 8th grade)

See the images on the HMS Pinafore page.

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