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Wakefield Class of 1967

The Class of '67 is well-represented on both the class reunion website, classreport.org/usa/va/arlington/whs/1967 and also on Facebook. The classreport site is primarily for reunion planning and messaging and is maintained by Jessie Bradley Knapp and Karen Roos Sikorski, your liaisons with the Alumni Association. Virginia Castlen Vertiz hosts a Facebook group, Wakefield High School 1964-1970 that is great for keeping in touch, discussions, and planning mini-get-togethers. It also has lots of pictures. Bookmark both of these and check them often.

We are definitely planning a 50 year class reunion in 2017. We are working to update our class information and would appreciate it if you would take a little time to review not only your own information on the classreport site but also to look at the missing and deceased lists. We welcome any corrections and additional information you can provide. Email addresses are especially wanted as the price of postage makes snail mail very costly.

It was great to see the Class of '67 well-represented at the Wakefield 60th anniversary party in 2013. Classmates attended the all-decade dance, the school Open House, and the '65-'67 mini-reunion. Check out the pictures on the Alumni Association website! We send all of you wishes for health and happiness, and we hope to see you at the 50th Reunion in just a few more years. If you would like to send us private messages (as opposed to posting on websites), we may be reached at: Jessie: jdkservices4u@gmail.com, Karen: KRSfromVA@aol.com or Both: Wakefield1967@gmail.com.

1967 Montage