Wakefield Class of 2015

2000 Montage

The class of 2015 doesn't have a designated contact. If you'd like to serve as the contact*, send an email to information@wakefieldalumni.org.

*The involvement of reunion contacts varies from class to class but basically, a Reunion Contact serves as the liaison between the Foundation and each graduating class at Wakefield. Some contacts are only active as reunions are planned, others are active each year. Basically, we ask that Reunion Contacts keep their classmates aware of the Foundation and events related to Wakefield in general. We ask that they keep the Foundation updated on classmates, in particular contact information for those classmates. The Foundation can provide an email address (i.e. Classof2012@wakefieldalumni.org) and a webpage (i.e. http://wakefieldalumni.org/classes/2012.html) to each class.