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Construction Images - September, 2011

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September 02, 2011

The "New" wing is history, Lake Boscoe has been drained and work is progressing.

The view from the parking lot - there is a hole in the skyline The walk ways need direction signs now
The new wing is a hole in the ground Footings are being laid in the bottom of Lake Boscoe

September 12, 2011

Not much has happened in the past 10 days, what with Hurricane Irene and a week of rain from Tropical Storm Lee AND an earthquake!

The area of the new wing is being prepped for sewer and water pipes Work continues on the footings in the bottom of Lake Boscoe

September 26, 2011

Progress is still slow - 2 weeks of rain have not helped, but the new wing and the auto shop are gone, and the footings have expanded.

The new wing andauto shop are gone Work continues on the footings in the bottom of Lake Boscoe