Hall of Fame Inductees

(Inductee Overviews are here)

2003 Hall of Fame Inductees

Harold Wilson, Principal 1953-1964
Neal Haygood, Teacher and Coach
Eddie Marsh, Custodian for Decades
Hunter "Patch" Adams '63, Founder, Gesundheit Institute
Peter A. Arntson '56, Founder, Wakefield Education Foundation
Henry E. Hudson '65, U.S. District Court Judge
William T. Newman '68, Chief Judge, Circuit Court
Conchita Saulmon Mitchell '66, Volunteer

2005 Hall of Fame Inductees

Dawn Chatty '65, Refugee Advocate
Henry "Ric" Duques '61, Business Leader and Philanthropist
Richard A. Kidd '61, Sergeant Major, United States Army
Douglas Mills '78, Photo-Journalist
Douglas Wheeler '57, Advocate for the Arts, Washington Performing Arts Society
Julian Stein, Physical Education Coach
Barbara Whittier, Science Curriculum Developer and Teacher

2007 Hall of Fame Inductees

Maynard Haithcock, Coach, Teacher and Counselor
Allen D. "Big Al" Carter '68, Artist and Teacher
Paul Ferguson '83, Arlington County Board; Clerk of Court
Donna Floyd Fales '58, Tennis Champion
John Moran '62, Producer, Director and Consultant
Seth Shostak '61, Astronomer and Radio Host

2009 Hall of Fame Inductees

James Bregman '60, Bronze Medal in Judo, 1964 Olympics
Karen L. Bune '72, Criminal Justice System Advocate
Ron Terwilliger '58, Business Leader and Philanthropist
William Lee, Teacher, Coach and Mentor

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jerry Grossman '66, Mathematician and Professor
Kevin Mannix '67, Oregon State Representative
Robert Shostak '66, Founder of Vocera Communications
Rich Tuten '72, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Gregory Timberlake '68, US Navy General Surgeon
Sheryl Wilkerson '81, Communications Lawyer and Entrepreneur
Sally Davis, Acclaimed Latin Teacher
Marie Shiels-Djouadi, Principal 1987-2001

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Willard Brittain, Jr. '66, Philanthropist and Business Leader
Timothy Hill '62, Baseball Coach
Ezra Knight '80, Actor and Voice-Over Artist
William Lang '79, Deputy Physician to the President
David Lee '77, Physician, Chair of the Arlington Free Clinic
Larry Randall '65, First African-American Athlete at Wakefield
Donald Stover, Math Teacher and Author

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Tom Hawkins '59, Arlington and Alexandria Fire Chief
Kenya Hunter '90, NCAA Assistant Basketball Coach
Thomas Moe '61, Colonel in the USAF; Vietnam Prisoner of War
Elizabeth Trapnell Rawlings '63, Historical Text Translator
James C. Rosapepe '69, Maryland State Senator; Ambassador to Romania
Christine Boyd Stopka '72, Authority in Physical Exercise and Therapy
George M. Richardson, Educator, Mentor, Administrator

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees

Cynthia Bayless Gallois '63, Educator, Author, College Dean
Thompson Boyd '70, Health Information and Cyber Security Expert
Helen Chung Vasiliadis '79, Tae Kwon Do Champion and Fitness Training Pioneer
William Evinger, Educator, Author
Jane Alison Hale '66, Literacy Advocate, Professor
Doris Jackson, Principal 2002 - 2009
Fred '60 & Jim '63 Parker, Businessmen
Jim Scancarelli '59, Cartoonist and Fiddler
Kelly Thompson '72, Attorney and Special Needs Children's Advocate
John Westgate '66, US Air Force Pilot